About Jo

Hi, my name is Jo McGrath and I am a Counsellor and Supervisor based in Pakuranga, East Auckland.  Before I was a Counsellor, I worked in middle management and as a youth worker working with at risk young people. I began my Counselling training in 2002 and graduated with my Diploma in Counselling in 2006 in Auckland. With ongoing training each year, and experience in various counselling agencies, I returned to study in 2012 to complete a Bachelor of Counselling.  I attended the University of Auckland where I completed a Master of Counselling with First Class Honours in 2018, after completing a study on how women cope with the psychological and social effects of living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food intolerances.

As a youth worker, I worked for over eleven years with at-risk young people in Auckland, offering mentoring, helping to run weekly clubs and big events.  I have a passion to support young people through their tweens and teens.

As a Counsellor, I have worked in private practice and for agencies specialising in domestic violence, depression, anxiety and panic, grief and loss, relational issues, trauma and abuse, suicidal thinking and feeling, and workplace issues. I have also had training in many areas including sexuality and gender identity issues, complex grief, complex issues arising in counselling, family counselling, abuse, and several counselling methodologies and ways of working.

I offer counselling in a safe, caring, friendly, confidential environment to young people, adults, couples and families, where we work together as a team to find a better way through.  As we talk together, and you share what is happening for you, we can discover your needs and wants for your life, new ways of coping, and options to help to decide where to from here.

My life’s mission is to help to make life better.  I love to help people to develop new coping skills and strategies so they aren’t left feeling stuck, be it individually, as a couple or within a family.   I will respect your religious and cultural beliefs, your personal values and am non-judgemental.  I work safely, ethically and professionally in a friendly manner, ensuring the welfare of yourself and your loved ones during our sessions together.

I am a full member of NZCCA, and was on the Auckland committee for seven years, running it for three.  I work safely and ethically according to the Code of Ethics and Practice of NZCCA.  I attend regular supervision, and continue training in counselling and supervisory skills.

If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always got.  Time for a change?  How about giving me a call?  You will move faster with me than if you were working with some other counsellors, which means value for money and great use of your precious time. 

Therapist, Counsellor & Supervisor New Zealand