Client's Feedback

Jo showed me great techniques for dealing with my stress and anxiety, and made me feel a lot more relaxed and happy.  I learnt that I wasn’t the only person dealing with my issue which made me feel a lot better.  I was also able to relate to my counsellor which made me feel much more comfortable when talking to her!  I learnt to relax and manage my priorities better

Female, 19 years old

Our family is a much happier until since I came to see Jo.  She really helped me cope with my 16 year old stepdaughter. I think her experience working with kids, her empathy, understanding, sense of humour and useful strategies have helped me immensely.  And I learnt a thing or two!

A dad, 43 years old

Thank you Jo for your kind guidance. Your help has really restored hope and drive in me.

Female, 33 years old

It was the first time I had ever seen a counsellor. I was a bit weary about going to my first session but felt very comfortable straight away with Jo. I would highly recommend her. In fact I am going to miss my visits but know I have learnt a lot of skills from Jo to be able to move forward.

Female, 55 years old

Jo was lovely, very calm and helped me make some key decisions on how I should be in a difficult situation. Thank you.

Male, 59 years old

Jo has encouraged and supported me through one of the toughest situations in my whole life which was so overwhelming when I tried to deal with it on my own. She has given me valuable insight and a different perspective to approach problems and people. I am truly grateful for having her as my counsellor.

Female, 41 years old

Jo is 100% real and has made my life more free. She tells things straight up, is practical and easy to understand. She is always encouraging and supportive.

Female, 39 years old

Jo helped me through a very rough time, that I don’t think I could have done on my own. I really looked forward to my sessions with her. She is so easy to talk to.

Female, 35 years old

Jo was able to work through a lot of family issues which resulted in a revival of the marital relationship, better communication and rapport with our daughters, and a much happier home.

Male, 48 years old

Jo has proved to be the most wonderful person to me at this very difficult time. I would encourage anybody in my situation to see her.

Female, 63 years old

I found Jo's exercises and advice very helpful when dealing with my anxiety and worries. She made me feel comfortable and reassured me everything would be ok. I am amazed how much happier I am and how positive I feel towards life.

Female, 14 years old

My counselling sessions with Jo has positively affected my well-being towards feeling and life. I feel a huge weight off my back and was given professionally good advice. Thanks Jo.

Female, 17 years old

I have never felt judged and was made to feel comfortable by Jo in our sessions

Female, 55 years old

Jo helped to clarify a work situation so I could make sensible choices for my future health and wellbeing.

Male, 62 years old

I thought Jo and I were a great match and I liked how she helped me. I gained a more positive outlook on my situation and also gained hope that it was going to change. I got help with uni questions and gained confidence.

Female, 19 years old

As an older woman, it was lovely being heard with empathy. Jo gave me great suggestions for self-care and looking for the positives in a difficult situation.

Female, 60+

Jo showed me how to get my point across fairly and how to explain how much something means to me.

Male, 17 years old

My Counsellor Jo was very astute, knowledgeable and intelligent. She was also able to give me a lot of constructive feedback and knowledge rather than being too passive and only actively listening.

Male, 33 years old

Jo made me feel comfortable talking about how I feel and what bothered me. It's made me a lot happier and made me think about the future and what I want in life.

Female, 39 years old

Jo's approach was excellent that made me comfortable talking to her without inhibition. I love her patience and listening ear and professionalism.

Female, 56 years old

The fact Jo was warm and I could be completely open and honest about everything was awesome! No judging!

Female, 34 years old

Thank you Jo for clarifying my confusion. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help…. Till next time! I'll be back!

Male, 31 years old

Was fantastic having a person like Jo to "blurt" to. It was about what I was carrying rather than looking for solutions. The load is more bearable. Jo, you were a calm guide to help me wade through the issues that were pressing on me. Thank you.